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Fiber Fault Finder

Fiber Fault Finder


Hand held units can test length (Max 10km), locate event on fiber cables precisely.
It is really the tool of choice for FTTX application.


  • Graphic display of fiber loss and fault
  • Handheld type small size
  • Easy to use
  • Low power consumption

Easy to Use Buttons

Power Button : ON/ OFF, Test Start Button, Fault Find Button


Measurement lenght 10km
Distance Resolution 5m
Dynamic Range 10dB
Loss Resolution 0.1dB(Typ)
Wavelength 1,310nm
Connector Type SC/PC
Fiber Type MM, SM
Display LCD(Touch panel)
Battery Type 3.7V lithium-ion
Size (WXHXD) 140 x 70 x 20 (mm)
Weight < 180 (g)
Operating Temp 10~40 (℃)
Storage Temp -40~85 (℃)
Auto Power Off ≒ 10min
EMI Certificate NO MSIP-REM-BIE-3F-10