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Business field

Brief description of products from the company

Fiber Fault Finder(3F) is a tool for FTTx maintenance, Using 3F, the length, fault position and distributed loss profile of an optical fiber can be checked graphically up to 10km with the resolution of 5m. It is designed to be small to be carried easily for field engineers.
Mini optical powermeter(BOPM-2000) is a pocket size tool to measure optical power in optical communication system.
Optical transmission system: Optical transmission system is a system that converts electric signal to optical signal with optical fiber for transmitting converted signal over long distance. The system typically applies to perimeter monitoring system, remote control of traffic information network, and video conference. Signal to transmit contains video, voice and data.
Optical transmission systems are classified into: Optical video link for transmitting video signals; Optical data link for data; Optical audio link for voice signal; and Optical smart box for simultaneous transmission of video, data and voice signals.
Each product is applied with advanced digital mode to provide properties of low distortion and wide bandwidth. Parts for mass production are developed and applied to development of circuits to realize most competitive prices among any products in Korea and overseas markets.

Excellence of products

Digital video transmitter The company succeeded in developing optical transmission system for DVI and SDI signals complying with high-resolution digital video signal standards applied to security monitoring systems throughout the world. The system is capable of transmitting video signals of resolution far better than conventional analog video signals.

Securing human resources for technology development

The company obtains information of engineering human resources through performing joint projects and exchanging technologies with educational institutes and research organizations for hiring adequate human resources.

Competitiveness of the company in the industry

Most of the people at the company are responsible for technology development to develop advanced products, and supply products in time that satisfy requirements of system businesses by adding and changing specific functions of products.

New technologies and products at the verge of development

Optical fiber laser Laser system using optical fiber as medium is excellent in efficiency comparing with conventional solid or gas laser, and capable of transmitting laser to any desired points. The laser system does not require complicated optical systems used on conventional laser system, and configuration of the laser system of the company is highly simple and easy, accordingly.

The company completed development of optical fiber laser in a project sponsored by the government in 2011, and has applied the laser system to edge-cutting systems including optical fiber sensor system, material processing system, and medical treatment system. The company plans launching the products into the markets soon.

The product line of the company also includes optical network monitoring system for perimeter monitoring, and distributed optical fiber temperature sensor applied with pulse-type optical fiber laser that has been developed in a project of technology supports by Gyeonggi-do Government.